Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year too

Well I certainly did not mean for my last post to be up so long without updating. :) I guess life has its way of pulling you into another direction for a bit. :)

Well lets see what has been happening lately....

My youngest is now a little over 7 months old and she has a new little cousin who was born the beginning of this month. She is such a cutie with a full head of dark hair and the cutest little baby face.

We have been getting buried in snow here for the last week and it started with a record snow fall last Thursday and has only stopped snowing here and there a few times. The hubby is outside plowing the driveway AGAIN. I have lost track of how many times he has been out plowing but it has been alot. :)

As much as we have gotten it sure is pretty and serene looking out there so cant really complain to much.

The kids are loving the snow and Christmas break too. Since we got so much snow by Thursday morning they cancelled school and then again they cancelled Friday to so they were thrilled. :)

Was telling my Mom the other day how the littlest one loves to take her larger teething rings and put them on her legs and then she grabs the little one and chews on it. It is such a cute site and I finally caught her today doing it so here is a photo. (she is just so cute. :) Not that I am prejudice or anything. hee hee )
Here is another photo of her and her big brother, she has quite the look on her face. lol not sure what caused that one. hee hee hee

Ok I should get back to my last minute wrapping and help the kiddos get those cookies decorated for Santa since he is getting closer, they just love watching his progress towards us every year.......

Have a very Merry Christmas and if I dont update again before then have a very Happy New Years as well.

~ K ~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday goodies and other stuff:)

Well today ummmm make that yesterday ...... was my Birthday. :) I had a great day with the hubby and kiddos, they even took me out to ice cream and we finished off the day with a movie at home and popcorn.

My Mom made me a beautiful Pin cushion......... I just love the colors and it will go with my collection quite nicely. Thanks Mom. :)

Speaking of Pin cushions I was at an auction the other day and managed to buy two nice rocking chair pincushions, I had tried to buy one at a previous sale and was outbid so was very happy to get both of them. Once I get them cleaned up one will be added to my collection and the other will be winging its way south to my Moms collection. :) I love these, they have a spot in the back for scissors, both sides hold three spools of thread, and lots of room for pin sticking. :) Perfect for sitting in front of the tv and stitching some stuff by hand or for a quick little mending job.....

Another little goodie that I had completely forgotten was a birthday swap that I joined at the end of last year..... I got that package in the mail the day before my birthday and it was such a great suprise. I love all of the stickpins and cute bug fabric and buttons that came with it as well. What a special treat this was.
My littlest one has discovered dollies, lol she loves this dolly (it is one of the topsy turvy ones that you pull the dress up over the one head and another head is underneath. One is awake and the other asleep.) My Mom made this for my older daughters and now the little one just loves her.

This photo is just so precious.... can't you see how excited she is to have her dolly??

Well it is late and it has been a long day so until next time.......

Happy stitching,

~ K ~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diaper Stacker for my little one

I mentioned in my last post that I had made up a diaper stacker while my Mom was visiting as well. Here is a photo of it.

This was made using the Simplicity nursery pattern #9140 with a few modifications. I cut the top a little different for the piece underneath the cover and added the cute brown with pink polka dots ribbon as I just love this stuff and it goes so well with the pink and brown theme.

I still plan to add something to the center of the top as I feel it is a little plain. Not sure what I will add yet. Might do a quick embroidery design or applique something on it?

I was really suprised at how fast it went together (well if you do not count the times I had to take a break to hold my sweet little bundle of joy. :) she is not so keen on the idea of Mom sewing and not paying attention to her. hee hee).

Ok until we meet again,

~ K ~

Friday, August 1, 2008

The last few weeks.....

So it has been a while now hasn't it......... Really only about three weeks but whos counting?? LOL

My Mom came to visit and we did a little stitching while she was here, an apron was made a diaper stacker and lots of fabric was oogled and bought during the many fabric trips that we made. hee hee I will have to get some photos of them and post them soon.

The kiddos also got a chance to go up in an airplane, our local Young Eagles group had a day where they take the local kids up for a ride around the area. My 8 year old was all strapped in and at the last minute decided that it just was not for her (which is really a suprise since she is the fearless one) but the other two older ones loved it and could not quit talking about it for the rest of the day. They got to ride in a Beechcraft Baron. Thanks to the wonderful flight instructors that donated their time to get the kiddos interested in flying.

While my Mom was here we just had to take a trip to the local thrift store as well.... well here are my thrift store finds a curtain with a pretty ruffle (I have a plan for this and if all goes well will be posting the after photos soon) and two chunks of some really pretty pink, brown and green double sided quilted fabric. They are two small pieces but hey I can certainly come up with something to do with these as well. :)

Here is a photo of the little one Sleeping like a baby. :) Isn't she just the cutest. :)

Another thing while my Dear Mom was here a friend of hers talked her into making a Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt, my 10 and 8 year old daughters fell in love with the idea and sat with Grandma and stitched a few hexagons for her. So now they have decided that they would like to start one of their own, lol. So I can see myself cutting hexagons out for a bit, but hey I kind of think I might want to start one as well....

Until next time,
~ K ~

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July !!!!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. :) I love the fireworks though was not able to get very decent photos this year so will leave you with a few photos from this year and some from last as they were better photos.
Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4Th.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Mom :)

I have been sitting here thinking about my Mom, she is coming to visit for almost a month starting next week and the kiddos and I are so excited. I really wish she lived closer but since she does not it is nice to have her visit for a month each summer.

So my Mom made a quilt for me when I was preggo. Was so sweet of her, I called her up while sitting in a blood lab waiting for the next round of tests that I had to remain in the waiting room for a certain time period. I was looking through a magazine and saw this pink nursery setup and decided right there I really wanted to do the crib in Pinks and Browns (which for me is funny since I have never been fond of the color Pink). So I drew up an idea, emailed it to Mom and sent her the fabrics I wanted to use and this is what she created. I love it.....

She also made me a diaper bag since I was not into any of the other commercial style bags out there. And this one is perfect since I will be able to use it a purse long after she has grown beyond the diaper bag needing age. :)

She just started blogging as well you can check out her page

So thank you Mom you are the best. :)

Ok off to find something fun for the munchkins to do and get some work done. :)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some photos of flowers....

I wanted to share some of last years floral photos. :) I hope to get this yard in shape and have flowers everywhere eventually. :)

I just love Poppies in bloom.

I cant wait for the ones in my yard to start blooming this year. They are finally starting to come up so soon. :) .....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well I guess I have to start somewhere....

So a blog... well it seems like everyone is doing it so I might as well too. Hee hee ...
Seriously I wanted a place to post things I make, and it might just motivate me to keep on making more stuff.
I recently had our fourth child so have been making some baby related items. This is a sling that I made so I can continue to work and keep the new additon close to me. She loves it and so do I since I can once again use both hands. :)
Ok so a little about me....
I am a stay at home, work from home mother of four and wife.
I am into just about all craft related hobbies that I run into anything from machine embroidery, sewing, beading, pincushions, (making and collecting them), gardening, making stickpins and just about any other fiber art related craft out there. :)
Well I am sure there is more to say but with a new little one and work to do I must get back to it. :)
~ K ~