Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Mom :)

I have been sitting here thinking about my Mom, she is coming to visit for almost a month starting next week and the kiddos and I are so excited. I really wish she lived closer but since she does not it is nice to have her visit for a month each summer.

So my Mom made a quilt for me when I was preggo. Was so sweet of her, I called her up while sitting in a blood lab waiting for the next round of tests that I had to remain in the waiting room for a certain time period. I was looking through a magazine and saw this pink nursery setup and decided right there I really wanted to do the crib in Pinks and Browns (which for me is funny since I have never been fond of the color Pink). So I drew up an idea, emailed it to Mom and sent her the fabrics I wanted to use and this is what she created. I love it.....

She also made me a diaper bag since I was not into any of the other commercial style bags out there. And this one is perfect since I will be able to use it a purse long after she has grown beyond the diaper bag needing age. :)

She just started blogging as well you can check out her page

So thank you Mom you are the best. :)

Ok off to find something fun for the munchkins to do and get some work done. :)


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N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

I have to say kerrie that I enjoyed making this quilt more then any of the others I have made for the kids just because it was such a joint effort. I loved the colors and fabrics and the design that you picked. I was honored to put them together for you! Love your mom