Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oui gooey yummy Ice Cream goodness!!

So we bought the Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment for our mixer. I was a little Leary since some of the reviews said it did not work well with the non-lifter version of the mixer (the tilt head version), which is the style I have. But I figured I love my mixer, and if they did such a great job with it why would they create an inferior ice cream attachment?? So bought it. :)
Let me tell you ~ the ice cream was oh so yummy. :) We decided to go with the basic French Vanilla recipe that was in the book that came with the attachment. It is a very simple yet tasty recipe. I really can not wait to try our next batch this weekend. The kiddos love the endless possibilities, and the hubby and I love the fact that we control what it going into this sweet treat to make it a not so unhealthy dessert option. I think we are going to all have to take turns creating some flavors, or make up several batches at once. hmmmmmm decisions decisions.

We of course could not leave it so simple, so we added broken up Resses cups and some marshmallow cream. If you know me you know I wanted to add more, chocolate, Carmel and ?? who knows maybe some brownies lol.

However if you know the Hubby he is the type who likes his ice cream simple. So we went with just the two add ins.
And as you can see he was very happy with the results. (Doesn't he look like a kid in a candy store. hee hee hee)
However once in my bowl I added my chocolate and caramel syrup. :)

The littlest one cant have any yet but she sure loved her teething cookie. :) Not sure if she is wearing more than she ate.
My oldest daughter also is like me but she choose to add chocolate and strawberry to hers and she really liked it as you can see. :) This was her reaction to me asking if she liked it. lol

The other kiddos were to busy eating the ice cream to smile for a photo this time. lol Maybe the next batch they will if I hold the ice cream out of reach until they pose for a photo. hee hee
Talk to you soon,
~ K ~

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